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Linear Motor Magnets

AO Magnets Electronic are one of the most earliest linear motor magnet manufacturers in China. Since 2003, we coorperated with our client to producing linear motor magnet tracks. Our technical persons also coorperated with experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences to make a surface magnetic field tester system to guarantee the quality of every magnet tracks made by us . Therefore our long time experiences in linear motor magnet track brings us a very good reputation in this field.

Linear Motors are mostly used in automatic control system, long time-running driving motors and machines that require large linear power in a short time and within short distance. Permanent magnetic linear motor magnet track, which replaces traditional secondary coil, can generate smooth and stable magnetic force although applied voltage fluctuation.  It has merits of simple structure, non-contacting, non-wearing, low noise, quick speed, high positioning precision and flexible assembly.

Some of its applications are:
------High-speed magnetic aero trains.
------Linear motor driven elevators.
------Super speed electromotors

“U” shaped linear motor magnet track consist of four components as left plate, right plate, permanent magnets and bottom plate. Permanent magnet is NdFeB of grades 35H to 48M.

AO Magnet Electronic are providing all kinds of neodymium magnets for linear motors. The linear motor magnet tracks we currently producing are with different length such as 240 mm, 480mm , 840mm, 900mm and 990mm etc.,
Customized magnet tracks are warmly welcomed .

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