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Flexible Rubber Magnet

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Fridge Magnet, Refrigerator Magnet, Flexible Rubber Magnet, Flexible Magnet


What is the Flexible Rubber Magnet?

Rubber magnet is a magnet compounded by magnetic powder and high polymer materials through the special craft. It has some advantages in magnet shaping,

size precision, flexibility etc. It may take the strip, circular, various geometric figured, sheet, coiled material (max. width 620mm, thickness0.4-8mm, unlimited length)

according to the customer��s requirements. Its surface may implement UV oil coating, spray lacquer, printing, lamination, double-faced adhesive tape,

PVC processing and etc.


Magnetic strip   

The magnetic strip is used in refrigerator, bathroom, window and advertisement,  It can be made over ten specification with strip and R, T, �� , concave shape.

We also can produce them according to the customer��s design and requests

                           Magnetic Properties of Flexible Rubber Magnets >>

flexible rubber magnet flexible rubber magnet flexible rubber magnet
flexible rubber magnet flexible rubber magnet flexible rubber magnet



Application of Flexible Rubber Magnets

  • Small-size precise motor

  • Refrigerator door sealing strip

  • Bathroom door sealing strip

  • Toy

  • Stationery

  • Advertisement propaganda

  • Print