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A magnetic assembly device provides high strength at low cost. They are ideal for a variety of applications, from secure latches to quick, interchangeable positioning of signs, displays, and fixtures.AO Magnet Electronic manufacturers magnetic assembly which also be called magnetic products, magnetic components. It includes permanent magnet (such neodymium magnet, ferrite magnet, ceramic magnet, AlNiCo, or SmCo) and other parts (such as metal parts, or plastic, nylon etc.).A magnetic assembly has a particular magnetic circuit that can concentrate or insulate magnetic power at a target space around the assembly. In this way, the magnetic products can be utilized for holding, retrieving, moving, lifting and mounting steel parts in different industrial applications.Generally, motor magnetic assembly is composed of a piece of magnet and a piece of steel.Just as the name applies, moter magnetic addemblies are commonly used in motors of different machines. To fit to different applications, we can customize magnetic assemblies into different sizes as per requirements of customers. The most common see material of magnets in motor magnetic assembly is Neodymium.

Why Choose AO MAGNET for Magnetic Assembly and Devices?
AO Magnet Magnetic Products has been designing and manufacturing magnetic assemblies, tools and devices since 1996. We have had the exciting privilege to work with several outstanding companies developing magnetic devices. We support some very recognizable names in the manufacture of retail consumer products using magnets.

Now we have assembly-manufacturing facilities in China to support the high demand for this low cost, high strength, versatile product line. We keep hundreds of thousands of standard magnetic assembly devices in stock. We can also create custom assemblies in just about any shape or size.