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Servo Motor Magnets

Permanent magnet AC servo motor, also known as permanent magnet synchronous servo motor, uses high energy Neodymium-Iron-Boron permanent magnets to provide air gap magnetic field. This motor embodies the patented surface magnet assembly technology, which endows the motors with the highest torque density and compact size.AC servo motor brushless motor is also divided into synchronous and asynchronous motors, motion control in general are currently using synchronous motors, large power range it can do a lot of power. Large inertia, the maximum rotational speed is low, and with the power increases rapidly decreased. Thus suitable for low speed applications running smoothly.

Servo motor as a rotor is a permanent magnet, the drive control of the U / V / W three-phase power, an electromagnetic field, the rotor is rotated under the action of this magnetic field, and the motor comes encoder feedback signal to the drive, the drive according to the feedback value and the target value, adjusting the angle of rotation of the rotor. Depends on the precision of the servo motor encoder accuracy (number of lines).Fuzhou AO Magnet Electronic have been supplying magnets for Servo Motor for years, Please feel free to contact us for the best quatliy with competitive price.