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Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are well known as the promotion and advertising items, as well as an effective and low cost way to attract new and existing customers, AO Magnet Electronic are well known for our ability to develop and design new, recreational magnetic articles, especially on customize the different types of magnetic products on basis of the customers' special requirement in the world. We're mainly engaged in flat fridge magnet, magnetic writing board, magnetic bookmark, magnetic memo pad, magnetic photo frames, magnetic puzzles, magnetic calendar, 3D Lenticular Magnet, epoxy magnets, ribbon magnets, 2D injection magnets, 2D soft pvc magnets, 3D soft pvc magnets, metallic sheet fridge magnets, etc. With the efforts of our team, we'll bring more fun and beautiful, applicable magnetic products to every office and family, and guarantee the quality of the magnetic products from AO Magnet are of the first-class in China.

refrigerator magnet magnetic photo frame Magnetic Calendar
Refrigerator Magnet Magnetic Photo Frame Magnetic Calendar
Magnetic Puzzle Magnetic Writing Board Magnetic Poetry
Magnetic Puzzle Magnetic Writing Board Magnetic Poetry
Magnetic Memo Pad Fridge magnets Iron magnets
magnetic phone book Business card Magnets Iron magnets
Magnetic Bookmarker Epoxy Magnets 2D injection fridge magnet
Magnetic Bookmarker Epoxy Magnets 2D injection fridge magnet
3D injection fridge magnet Soft PVC Fridge Magnets
2D (3D) Soft PVC Fridge Magnets
3D LenticularMagnets Soft PVC Fridge Magnets 3D Soft PVC Fridge Magnets

The structure of the fridge magnet is printing matter on the top and rubber magnets at the back. (see detail), Refrigerator magnet, magnetic photo frame, magnetic calendar, magnetic puzzle, magnetic writing board and magnetic poetry are also the same products because the structure or production process is the same, the only different is on the die cut or graphic design. Our quote is based on your order size and quantity, no matter what information you want to printed. his magnet is flexible, and the most popular thickness is 0.5mm or 20mil, normally 0.4mm~1.0mm, just up to the customers.